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The Tourbillon's crew brings world-class luxury experience to your sportfishing or touring excursion. Their goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver outstanding quality and service. The crew is English-fluent, has championship level sportfishing experience, and are very knowledgeable about the Mexican Riviera waters and local sights.

Captain Shawn 

Captain Shawn calls Cabo San Lucas his home and has been fishing in his back yard since the early 1990’s.


Born in Colorado and raised throughout the Western United States, Captain Shawn, found his calling during his teens while living in Hawaii and learning his trade doing whatever he could on boats, starting at the bottom the ladder and working his way up one rung at a time, all the while instilling his love and respect for the ocean,


After an honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy, following “Operation Desert Storm”, Capt. Shawn rejoined the marine industry employed on private yachts that traveled extensively through the U.S. West Coast, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and the Western Caribbean.  A few passes through the Panama Canal, and exotic destinations, including Coco’s Island and the Galapagos Archipelago, highlight his experiences.


Calling Cabo home, brings him the opportunity to experience and share the wonders of both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.  Combined, this is one of the world’s greatest fisheries, offering year round big game angling for multiple species.  Well versed in an array of fishing methods, Capt. Shawn and his crew are proud to display their tournament winning level of skillset to provide every angler a legitimate chance of landing the “Big One”.


While not limited to fishing, Capt. Shawn is also eager to share his passion for scuba diving, spear fishing, surfing, whale watching, and experiencing all other aspects of aquatic life with a wealth of local knowledge that navigates well away from the beaten path at sea and onshore.  This would include his weighted interest in our local cuisine and fine wine.


A large number of Capt. Shawn’s clients become repeat customers and friends, after being introduced to Capt. Shawn as he sincerely wants to create friendships and amazing memories with everyone that he comes in contact with.


Born and raised in Cabo San Lucas, surrounded by the sport fishing industry. Nick started his sport fishing career at age of 14, in the form of joining his grandfather’s sport fishing yacht and developing all the necessary knowledge about the local waters, boats and fishing.

Nick learns from the best! His grandfather won the Bisbee Fishing tournament and his dad tripled that number; additionally he is the winner of 4 other international fishing competitions. 

At the early age, Nick attended his first fishing tournaments like Bisbee, and won the Stars & Stripes. He has valuable experience in fishing for black and blue marlin and yellowfin tuna.

Nick has worked on a wide range of motor fishing yachts, both private and charter, up to 180 feet.

He has cruised extensively throughout the Sea of Cortez, Pacific, East and West coasts of the United States.

Nick has an intimate knowledge of yachting and sport fishing from all aspects. He is a very experience in spear fishing. Nick is a fantastic surfer and skim boarder.

The Pelagic Team just releasing a 290 lb Black Marlin in the 2016 Bisbee Cabo fishing tournament. 

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